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    The Posthumous Letters Of Napoleon Bonaparte to Count Lev Tolstoy
       (english by © John Freedman)

       (modern treatment of the Oedipus myth)

   The Mystery Man, or, I am Poor Soso Dzhugashvili
       (farce in verse about Joseph Stalin and Lavrenty Beria)

   The Devils Comedy (Don Juan)

   Lessons of Love, or, Casanova (by V.Korkiya & A.Lavrin)

   Don Quixote and Sancho Panza on the Island of Taganrog

   The Goats Song

   The Flying Doctor (based on themes from Moliere)

   Oksana Mysina Theatrical Brotherhood

   Eternal Images in Modern Dramaturgy
       A talk with the poet and playwright Viktor Korkiya
       Russian Culture Navigator (18.12.2001)

   Stage Makes Room for Playwright's Tragic Figure (by John Freedman)
       The Moscow Times (13.09.2001)

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